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[Bamberg, Germany]

Bamberg Bamberg is a small German town, somewhere between Frankfurt and Nurnberg along the River Regnitz. We had never heard of the place, let alone considered visiting, until my Brother, Oowan, mentioned how nice it is and also that Bamberg is virtually untouched by war whereas many other German cities and towns have suffered massive destruction. Since our plan was to travel right past Bamberg on the way from Frankfurt to Nurnberg, we decided to stop there.

So from Singapore we landed at Frankfurt Airport. First surprise was that smoking was allowed in the airport, how strange! Next we see cigarette stands, say the B&H stand where there is a company salesperson and you can stand there and smoke! Anyway passing all that, we grabed our bags and headed for Frankfurt Airport Railway Station. We took a train to Bamberg, via Warzburg. This was the first European train we had been on, and we were surprised at the smooth and quiet ride.

After a short trip and a change of trains at Warzburg we arrived at Bamberg. The railway station is small but nice and certainly clean.

We took a walk into the central area to find the tourist office, as we had read on the Internet that we could leave our bags there. It was actually quite a way into the town centre, so we probably should have looked to see if there were bag lockers at the railway sttaion. We found the tourist office quite easily, and asked one of the assistants about leaving our bags. She was only too happy to oblige, pointing us towards a back room.

Having left our bags, we proceeded to just wander around. We walked around central river area, just looking at the old buildings. Naturally "the" building that everyone knows is the Alte Rathaus (Old Town Hall) which is perched in the middle of a bridge over the River Regnitz, with water flowing all around.

Bamberg Alte-Rathaus Water Wheel Bamberg Cafes

We walked around the shopping areas, and for lunch we grabbed some pizza from a small window shop. The pizza was alright, but Briony had an interesting time finding a vegetarian option - everything here seems to be made from sausage or some type of wurst - bratwurst, currywurst, metwurst...

After lunch we hiked up the hill behind the town hall. The streets are all cobble stone, and the cars driving on the stones sound like they are going really fast even though they're probably not going any more than 40Km/h.

Up the top of the hill is the Bamberg Cathedral of St Peter & St George, the New Residence and the State Gallery. We went inside the Cathedral which was really lovely. Once we were done we walked around the back, along some quiet streets and eventually came across St Michael's monestery, which we walked around and then down through the gardens and back into town.

Cathedral St Peter & St George St Michaels Monestary
Cobbled Street Callan behind St Michaels Monestary

After a coffee (hot chocolate for Briony!) near Alte Rathaus, we collected our bags from the tourist office and headed back to the railway station. The train to Nurnberg wasn't scheduled for a little while, however there was a train waiting, we asked some girls if this was Nurnberg. One of the girls nodded in an unsure way - so we boarded the train and were on our way to somewhere, hopefully Nurnberg!

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