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[Linz, Austria]

After Vienna, we took a 1.5 hour morning train, arriving to Linz at 10am. The first thing we saw was a really modern and clean railway station. For such a small city (300,000 people) the Linz railway station is VERY impressive.

Linz was not a place we would normally have visited, if it were not for our good friend Sophie who we "met" on the Internet. As we were practically passing right by Linz, we decided to meet Sophie and her friends properly.

Linz is a small city, but has many beautiful areas. After we got off the train, our hotel was right next to the railway station. So we got rid of our bags, grabbed the camera, and went for a walk to town which was perhaps 10-15 minutes away.

The first stop was Neuer Dom (the New Cathedral), and then to town via Landstrasse where we called into Karmeliterkirche (Karmeliter Church) for a quick look around. We went past Seminarkirche (Seminar Church), and then arrived in Hauptplatz (main town square).

From Hauptplatz we took the tram for 10 minutes, to the bottom station of Postlingbergbahn which is a historical tramway up to Postlingberg Hill. From memory this is the steepest traditional tramway in the world without using cables - it just runs on traditional rails. The trip to the top was slow as it's so steep, and up the top you can visit a castle and a zoo from memory, but we chose just to enjoy the lovely view over the city. Of course there is a cafe up there, and some type of weird fake beach with deck chairs, a bbq, and fake palm trees!

After Postlingberg we took the tram back to Hauptplatz, and then walked back to the hotel. We showered and cleaned up, and then took the tram back to town to meet Sophie and her friends. We waited in Hauptplatz for Sophie to arrive, and she came with Steffi, Harry and Teresa. They took us for a walk around some of the streets in Linz, for about half an hour.

After a quick walk around, we went to Promenadehof for dinner. The food was great, the atmosphere was lovely and the company was even better. We all had a good time, and all the girls spoke good English. Harry can understand lots of English, and we gave him a chance to practice speaking some English too.

After dinner we walked down Landstrasse to a beer garden called Josef City Brew. We met up with Klaus and Elfi plus a couple of other people, and enjoyed some drinks and chat. After an hour or two, we left Josef and walked Sophie to the tram stop. We said goodbye and we went back to our hotel.

Next morning is the train to Hallstatt...

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